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Kerry's Corner; an expedition inside the mind of the horse...

"...realizing that the nature of the herd itself, and that which allows a collection of horses to sustain herd structure, fundamentally had to have a standardized, pragmatic template. This template is built upon the shoulders of a two-tiered communication process; the physical senses communicating the tangible to be interpreted by emotion. This is the core, the operating system running the machine breathing life into an otherwise breathless world. It is as endearing to our own emotions as it is beautiful in form, yet the true artistry of the horse is only discovered when we appreciate the unique ingredients that comprise the whole."

The above quote is taken from Lesson 1 of the Sensory Soundness & Mapping Course which I am excited to share with you is coming along well. As I create the content for my very first course, of many to come I might add, I can tell you that this being the first ever course creation for me, the process itself has been and continues to be, an educational. I'm learning a great deal as I continue to push the envelope and challenge myself. I am realizing that, as writing is my form of artistic expression, making new discoveries and sharing them my passion, my initial thought that I could have a set timetable was folly. It is impossible and irresponsible from my point of view. I expect myself to create innovative and pioneering concepts unlike anything before offered and presented. I am not creating courses for the sake of it, I have taken this upon myself in order to share my passion and invite those of you who desire to peel back the layers to come with me on this journey of discovery. The first expedition is a journey inside the mind of the horse. The only way to get there is through the communicated equine, a language spoken through their senses.

The kick-off course will be, as I have it outlined now, made up of 12 individual lessons. I knew that the very best way to introduce and teach this fascinating topic of sensory cartography that took me the better part of 25 years of study, was to share it one layer at a time. I want you to learn about the operating system running the machine, I want you to learn "how" the operating system is running the machine, I want you to learn how to map that system and at length to teach you how to apply it. If I have anything to say about it, you will never look at another horse in quite the same way again.

As part of the creative process for me two of the many key things that have emerged from all this has been the creation of the Glossary of Terminology and Phrases found here in the Resources area, and a second edition sensory soundness map. The new map is currently in the final draft stages and in keeping with my holding myself accountable for the concepts I offer, I have spent a lot of time on its development. It will be offered as a poster like the first edition, (of which there are only 4 left in stock of you'd like to grab one while they last) and also a smaller version which will be an essential part of the course curriculum and seminar events. Being completely honest, one of the challenges I have to deal with on a personal level is re-thinking the presentation of my research because for the majority of my career I worked inside my bubble. I applied my innovative research through private services and kept "what I knew" close to the vest. My love of writing, teaching and sharing finally got the best of me and thanks to my dear friend Dr. Shelley Appleton, who made it possible for me to visit Australia in March of 2023, my pivot into writing courses, giving lectures, seminars and clinics, came to fruition. If you're not aware by now, we are reconvening for the Applied Sensory Soundness tour in Australia happening in November of this year. I'm quite excited as I create the content for the course to be extracting that information and developing it into a live presentation version for you to learn with me in person. I don't want you to come to an event, I want you to come and be a part of a shared experience!

Before I close out my first official blog post here, I want to bring you up to speed on exactly what facilitated my creating this space in the first place and what you can expect to find when you visit Kerry's Corner. As some of you know, I have a private group on FB called "Sensory Soundness and Herd Dynamics with Kerry M Thomas", and you're free to request to join if you like. There have been of late many issues with trying to post on that page and even more issues for members wishing to comment and share their thoughts. Long story short, I became frustrated enough with that platform for creating a unique community that I made another pivot, and I invite you join me here and help me create a new community unbound by the laws of social media's artificial intelligence. Break free of an artificial world, our time here is fleeting, don't spend too much of it living through the imagination of another coming at you through the screen.

What you will find here is me, a personal and authentic connection as I share my thoughts and ideas honestly on what will be several areas that interest me regarding horses and even some ramblings far beyond I am sure. If you take a look at the Courses page you will see by the topics that I do not limit my creativity and I will create areas that I feel are important to share. I will freely share myself with you, and though my imperfections and my passions sometimes collide, you will always get me. Be it through my writing or in person at my events, I give of myself freely because it is through an emotional connection, the true experience of life is found.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate your time.

Your Friend~ Kerry

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