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Welcome to Kerry M Thomas’ Bloodstock Services

Where the poetry of motion meets the pulse of victory. With over two decades of immersion in the psyche of  Thoroughbred racehorses. Kerry has deciphered the language of their emotions, translating it into the art of performance excellence.
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Kerry's journey has been one of unraveling the secrets that define true athletic prowess, distinguishing mere athleticism from the essence of a champion. Through meticulous study, he identified traits and tendencies that signify competitive greatness, traits as consistent as they are appreciable. Working around the world for international clients from yearling sales to developing breeding programs, through video analysis or in person evaluations, Kerry's happy to help you in any capacity. Some notable horses from around the world he either found or have approved for purchase are Beauty Generation, City of Light, Runhappy; what a incredible journey!

But the journey isn't just about decoding physical attributes; it's about understanding the horse's world—their sensory acuity, emotional resilience, and management of competitive stress. We transcend conventional statistics to uncover the intangible qualities that set champions apart—grit, heart, and unwavering determination.

It’s important to look at “distance” from the horses’ point of view, which is duration. It’s not a question of how many furlongs the race is or how long the course is, it is about the duration of time that the horse can sustain mental engagement and efficiency in a competitive fashion. To properly evaluate this, we need to break time of activity into three portions: Duration of engaged Performance Stress, Duration of Mental Harmony / Duration of Sensory Inefficiency and Sequence Recovery, includes Outsourcing. When divided by the average total time commonly available we can identify the likelihood of success; when we add them up and compare with the ideal time allotment, we see where we need to improve. Paired with physical talent considerations, improvements in psychological proficiency is the leading edge of a horse-first achievable goals.


Every performance is a nuanced narrative, where every detail counts. Through our exclusive Competitive Edge guide tool, we quantify these details, offering you unparalleled clarity in cataloging and comprehending each horse's competitive profile.

Competitive Edge Rating:

Is the evaluation of an athlete's ability to merge physical and psychological characteristics effectively, especially under pressure. This assessment considers individual strengths and weaknesses in sensory perception, athletic proficiency, and the capacity to handle competitive stress without succumbing to mental fatigue before physical exhaustion. The rating determines the likelihood of success against challenges such as time constraints or total duration of (distance), and environmental factors.

Athletes are graded on a scale from E (lowest) to A+ (highest), reflecting their probability of success relative to both the demands of their environment and the performance standards of their peers in their respective disciplines.

Crucially, we understand that success isn't just about physical prowess; it's about psychological proficiency. We recognize the toll of ongoing stress and the importance of evaluating herd dynamics and sensory soundness. Because to understand a horse is to glimpse their past, hear their present, and envision their future.

Welcome to a world where performance is poetry, and victory is the ultimate symphony. Get in touch with us, email #LetsRace to and learn how we can help you, achieve your goals.

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