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Life Through The Senses Online Educational Center
Visual Handicapping Online Master Class

The Art of Visual Handicapping
Identifying Athletes
Kerry M Thomas

“The ability to compete is an attribute of physical talent, being competitive is an aptitude of psychology.” kmt Course Type: Master Class / Informational / Educational Presentation Style: Written, Reference Guide Extras: Downloadable Takeaways Resources: Glossary of Terminology and Phrases free at Kentucky Derby Analysis free archives in the About/Bio at Supplementary Courses: A View from the Hoof Understanding Sensory Soundness Total Chapters: Eleven Welcome to: The Art of Visual Handicapping; Identifying Athletes In the dynamic world of equine sports, where the success of every decision from selecting a horse to placing a bet, hinges on gaining an advantage, delving into the operating system running the machine is essential. Within the enigmatic depths of their psyche lie the keys to discerning their true nature — separating the vulnerable from the confident, the dependent from the capable. This journey into the psychology of performance isn't merely a learning opportunity increasing the advantages of the betting public; it's a vital compass for anyone in search of or wanting to better understand the behavioral characteristics found within the elite horse-athlete. Characteristics which transcend every discipline. Join me in exploring the world of the horse, through the horse’s view of the world. Who is this course for? This is an innovative course at once transcending traditional boundaries while presenting an exciting learning opportunity suitable for everyone who has ever been fascinated with the world of elite equine athletes. This comprehensive educational is not just for betting enthusiasts – it's a game-changer for anyone wanting to learn how to separate the athletic horse from the horse athlete. Created to empower individuals at every level of expertise, from casual riders to seasoned professionals, this course offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into the inner workings of the equine mind. Whether you're looking to gain a competitive edge in handicapping or simply eager to broaden your horizons by strengthening your understanding of performance psychology, this course is your ticket to visually recognizing true potential within the horse. Become a Student, Be Empowered Potential students can expect to gain a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between the psychology of performance and the identification of talent in equestrian sports. Here's some of what you can anticipate from your learning experience. 1. Insight into the Psychological Dynamics of Equine Performance: By exploring the depths of the equine psyche, students will uncover the fundamental principles that drive athletic performance beyond physical attributes. Students will learn how to distinguish between mere competitiveness and the psychological aptitude that sets elite horse athletes apart. 2. A Comprehensive Approach to Handicapping and Talent Identification: This course offers a holistic perspective on handicapping by delving into the psychological aspects that influence performance. Students will gain essential tools and strategies to identify expressions of true talent, whether for betting purposes or simply for a deeper appreciation of equine athleticism. 3. Transcending Traditional Boundaries: This innovative course breaks through traditional boundaries by offering valuable insights that extend beyond the realm of betting. Students from various backgrounds, including horse enthusiasts, casual riders, and seasoned professionals, will find immense value in understanding the behavioral characteristics of elite equine athletes. 4. Empowerment at Every Level of Expertise: Whether students are novices or seasoned professionals, this course caters to individuals at every stage of their equestrian journey. As a student you will gain the knowledge and confidence to recognize and appreciate the nuances of equine behavior, empowering you to make informed decisions while enriching your overall experience with horses. 5. Enhanced Competitive Edge and Broadened Horizons: For betting enthusiasts, this course provides a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge by deciphering the psychology behind horse performance. However, it also offers a broader educational experience for anyone eager to deepen their understanding of performance psychology and unlock the true potential within the horse. By enrolling in this course, scholars will embark on a transformative journey into the world of equine psychology, gaining invaluable insights that will not only enrich your betting endeavors but deepen your appreciation for the artistry and athleticism of horses.

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Sensory Soundness Online Course

Understanding Sensory Soundness
Mapping the Senses;
an Expedition Through the Mind of the Horse

This course has 12 individual lessons

We must be sensitive to the reality that we are asking the herd-wired prey species constructed by nature, to fit into a world, built by man... I wrote this course for you. You're here because I dare say that like me you have an inquisitive nature and a desire to learn. It is important to me that I share and teach, in the best way I know how, what took me 30 plus years of study, trial and error, to realize. Life is an experience best lived through the senses; when we connect emotionally with our horses, the bond we feel becomes a relationship we value. My goal is to help you peer through the window of the unknown, into a place where what is felt is more authentic than what is seen; this is your invitation inside the mind of the horse. Nothing has more influence on their lives than does their unique sensory soundness; every physical expression an extension of emotion. Everything they were, are, and can become, hinges upon it. My objective with this course is to give you a pure understanding of what it means to be sensory sound, what the sensory sequence is, how it works and introduce you to the fundamentals of charting a horses sensitivities. In order to achieve this, we will tap into the mysteries of the equine psyche which cleared the path that led to the discovery of Sensory Mapping, opening the doorway to a whole new world. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding and strengthen your appreciation of the intricate and beautiful nature that defines the horses we love. Sensory "cartography" is as fascinating as it is revealing, marking the places where the physical world meets the emotional horse gives a visual representation to the before unseen. Mapping the senses brings the horse to life like never before. I invite you to come along on this expedition of discovery and journey with me as we investigate how the operating system, runs the machine. ~ Kerry M Thomas This course comprises 12 individual lessons each becoming available the moment they are ready for release. Each lesson will be offered individually to allow you to learn at your own pace and pay as you go for convenience. Subscribe to the website and get alerted when each new course is available. *First Lesson for, Understanding Sensory Soundness; Mapping the Senses, Available Now!

A View From The Hoof Online Course

A View from the Hoof
Lessons in Narration
 Equestrian Educational Series

This course has 5 individual lessons

Welcome to something new as a nod to something old; lessons in narration. A novel endeavor for me, this learning experience is my interpretation of the classic “Fireside Chat”. First made famous in the United States from 1933 to 1944 by the 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Fireside Chat was, at the time a revolutionary way to use radio broadcasting to reach people directly, without bias. To know me is to know that I have both a love and great respect for history, and I often draw inspiration from the innovative minds who have come before me. Appreciating the past has always helped me respect the gift of today while embracing the hope of tomorrow. As my work ensued on the composition of the Understanding Sensory Soundness course, featured here in Life Through the Senses, I was reminded of the plethora of written essays and research documents accumulated for future projects, including material for a second book. I am notorious for having more than one project going at once, often many. The overflow of written works is a common theme in my office. The question has always been, what to do with them? Having the opportunity to give Educational Events in person around the world is certainly a privilege, but these special occasions do come with their limitations. Because not everyone can attend an event, I decided that I should no longer put aside all the previous years of written works for a later date, that it was time to bring them to light. The question then became, what would be a unique and fun way of breathing life into this vast collection, a fireside chat educational experience perhaps, I mused. It seemed to fit, as I prefer the authentic connection of learning and teaching that is less lecture, and more conversational panache. These Lessons in Narration will be just that, a tip of the hat to a storied past, though not by radio, but by video. I’m going to be sharing my work with you directly through these readings, bringing them to life with all the passion I have for them. Sometimes raw and off script I grant you, but always genuine and from the heart. A View from the Hoof is a perfect in not wholly necessary companion series to the Understanding Sensory Soundness course, and an ideal opportunity worth fostering in the exchange of study for knowledge, putting favor upon those who desire to learn. Whether or not I prove to be a great reader of works is yet to be seen and decided, but I have little doubt that our shared passions for the subject will be mutually felt, and equally moving. Too many horses are “written off” because of misdiagnosis and misunderstandings. It can be said that a true measure of horsemanship is found in our willingness to find within the horse what we often seek to find, within ourselves. This series of course lessons is dedicated to furthering both. You can expect “A View from the Hoof” to be an ongoing series of lessons as seen through the lens of natural herd dynamics. Directly from their mind to your ears as I read through the notes and documents of my transcriptions, we will explore the world of the horse from the horse’s view of the world. The course lessons in this series will continue to evolve as we uncover the fascinating subtleties of their lives. It is my purpose and hope that these lessons in narration add a unique and introspective learning opportunity for you. Come join me on this adventure of discovery and together we’ll traverse down the mysterious and fascinating trail where the emotional horse meets the physical world. Your Friend~ Kerry Special Note: All individual lessons will be uniquely priced as each will be of a different duration and are non-refundable. Lessons will remain accessible for 6 months from the purchase date. Kerry is planning on hosting webinars for students at different points along the journey as often as his schedule permits. Free to all students, notification will be sent via email when these are planned. Because space will be limited, we cannot guarantee you a seat for the webinar of your choosing. Priority will be given to those scholars who have purchased all lessons that are offered in the course topic.

More To Come

Horse in a Cage

Equine PTSD;
The  Impact of Trauma

Coming Soon

About this course, a brief introductory: Few things in life are more demoralizing or debilitating than the heavy weight and strain of trauma. Whether caused by physical health challenges or purely emotionally driven issues, accumulative stressors are very disruptive. Any creature whose intellect is driven in part or in whole by emotion, is subjected to psychological trauma in varying degrees throughout their lives. The capacity to filter out stress before it accumulates and becomes disruptive is based upon many individual factors; helping the individual navigate through the emotional detritus and back on the path to harmony and contentment is predicated upon the degree of their sensory soundness. For this course I have planned out a very comprehensive study of trauma unlike anything before offered. The same psychological and sensory processes that allow emotional trauma to lodge inside the mind are the ones that are the path to freedom. Where we cannot change nor always understand what has happened, we can take the proper steps forward by carefully disassembling the pieces of the phycological puzzle, and thoughtfully reassembling them. Therapy is not a process of erasing what has happened, it is the process of changing the relationship, with it. Please note that I am writing these courses in a sequenced order. It is strongly recommended that you complete the first course, Understanding Sensory Soundness, so that when you embark on this next journey you have a solid foundation upon which to take this step. I had originally thought that I would make course 2 on the psychology of training and coaching, but this will now be course 3. So many horses are already housing some form of emotional trauma before they start training for the career us humans have selected or bred them for, and/or are faced with the imprinting of emotional trauma from the training, that I had to flip-flip the release of these two courses. It’s the only way to serve the horses needs properly. Since the release of my early work on Equine PTSD and the more recent Podcast on the subject that I did with my friend Dr. Shelley Appleton (you can find the podcast series on this website and on Spotify by searching Dr. Shelley Appleton Podcast), I have continued to research this vital topic. Motivated to discover and develop innovative and practical solutions to this oft times complex issue, Course 2 will break new ground in the field emotional wellness. ​ The path to re-alignment starts here. I encourage you to get signed up on the school and if you can, get started on Course 1, Understanding Sensory Soundness. ​Thank you. Your Friend, Kerry

Training of Foals

Coaching and Enrichment;
The Psychology of Performance

Coming Soon

Wild Horses

Corporate Herd;
The Intention of Leadership

Coming Soon

Horse Legs

The Communicated Equine;
Life Lessons from the Hoof

Coming Soon

Horse Whisperer

Wellness & Therapy;
Horses Healing Humans

Coming Soon

Training of Foals

Breeding by Nature;
Behavioral Genetics & the Sustainable Horse

Coming Soon

Young Hands Holding Old Hands

Caregiving; Silent Suffering
Navigating the Hidden Pain of Kindness

Coming Soon

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