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by Kerry M Thomas

Brumby Stallion

Emotional Intelligence

The Nature of Leadership

The herd dynamics are those naturally occurring traits, tendencies and characteristics that make up the individual psychology and where this places the horse in the hierarchy of the herd structure. It is in short, the operating system of the physical machine.


Think Like Tink

Think like Tink. "Tinks favorite thoughts, because you are someone special, you are you"

Sensory Soundness Mapping Example

Herd Dynamic Sample Report & Sensory Map

Mind-To-Body Fluency Mind to body fluency is necessitated by time-in-motion. Your Horse better harmonizes with his environment the longer he is on a task, this allows him to stabilize emotionally. When not on a specific task he has a tendency to “float” mentally, and this may lead to occasional annoyances during times of trailering and saddling, and a sense of aloofness when making transitions in motion. Concise and purposeful “targets”, hard targets in motion and soft targets when standing will help

Clover Australia

Note: The following is an opinion essay written to serve in part as the introduction piece to our 13th annual Kentucky Derby “Patterns of Motion” herd dynamic analysis of the horses contending for the 149th Derby on May 6th 2023. Because this original opinion piece at its core paints with a broader brush and has, in my opinion, relevancy for the equestrian industry beyond racing, with elements that touch upon all disciplines,

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