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Destination Hope Media

Created, Produced & Presented
Kerry & Daphne

Hope for Tomorrow Podcast is our newly minted initiative focused on shining the light of hope upon the
good in the world that too often remains obscure, overshadowed by the clickbait drama of doom and
gloom. Our world has more than its share of “bad news”, but there is also much good left in the world,
and our purpose is to share, promote and perpetuate its existence. We are at the inception, shaping our
vision so we can realize the most good possible for those who touch the lives of many in a positive way.

Our first venture for bringing people and non-profits into focus from local NPO’s to those from around
the world, will be in Podcast form with a future goal to include a Documentary-Style show to fruition
where we spend a day in the life of…

Along with Destination Hope Mascot, Tink, we proceed with our vision forward to help create a brighter
tomorrow. Daphne and I will bring interviews and conversations forward for you to enjoy in our effort to
showcase the many good humans and NPO’s from all around the world, folks who have dedicated the
better part of their lives to bring smiles to others and provide sanctuary for animals. Imparting good into
the world should never be underappreciated.

As we begin to build this, we need your help! Know an NPO, person, or an organization that would make
for a great feature story, tell us! Are you a business or individual who would like to sponsor a show or a
series? Let us know! Email all inquires to #DestinationHope

Thank you for stopping by!
~Kerry and Daphne

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