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The Destination Hope project
Life Through the Senses 
Visual Media

Created, Produced & Presented
Kerry & Daphne

Share The Vision, that is our motto.

From thoroughbred aftercare to human and horse wellness programs, rescues and rehoming, there are many wonderful organizations of all shapes and sizes around the world. Everyday quiet hero’s volunteer their hearts for the love of the cause, the desire to help, driven to do good despite the daily struggles of doing so.
For many years I have been involved, one way or another, in private non-profit organizations. From
board member to maintenance hand, horse trainer to program director, fundraising and keeping a
facilities head above water, I am all too familiar with the behind-the-scenes challenges and demands. Whenever I volunteer at any number of places I am left thinking, “what a super program they are running, more people need to know about the great people and work they are doing here.”

So, one day I had an idea…

A while back I had a representative from Discovery Channel ask to shadow me, but that did not feel right. I had contact with an HBO representative and we spent a few weeks discussing show ideas based on my work, but that did not feel right. In early 2023 I was contacted by a representative from Lifetime about doing an episode or even a series about my work, but after a lot of thought, that just did not feel right. Though flattering for sure, nothing presented to me had enough real-story feel to it, I wanted something more.

That is when, after a visit to a wonderful NPO where horses helped veterans, it hit me. I had spoken with the director who was stressing over the struggles of her programs very survival and I told her, “This is another one of these great places that do so much good for both the animals you rescue and the humans they are rescuing, that not enough people know about.” By the time I got in my truck and placed my Akubra on the seat beside me, I realized that this was the “show” I wanted. Enter the “lightbulb moment;” to do feature segments, episodes, a series or whatever was needed, that shared with the world these programs who could stand an extra voice. I know full well that advertising budgets for NPO’s are syphoned for other things, but what if…?


What if someone created a show idea where these destinations that bring hope to so many, were provided a platform to have their efforts, reach a wider audience? Tell their story, introduce their passion, share their journey of hope. Isn’t there enough negative click-bait and knee-jerk drama out there? I say that we elbow our way through it and plant a seed of hope by presenting a visual media opportunity to these, for these organizations wherever they may be in the world.

Our vision… keep it simple and real!


The very best script is having no script. Life itself comes with so many twists and turns that unscripted realism is all and everything you need. Our intention is simple, or goals are lofty. Daphne and I visit your non-profit, you share your story with us, we produce it as an episode for the Destination Hope project, and feature you on our YouTube channel. Our intention will be, as we grow the show and build the content, to circle back and bring these episodes and our vision to the attention of those who were interested in doing something with me in the past, and see where we land! But regardless, we will push forward and plow the road of detritus and feature something good, uplifting, and forward thinking. We will make a difference, a little at a time, if need be.

If your company or business, network or brand would like to be a part of or support our visual media
initiative, we certainly would be happy to speak with you. Email Director of Marketing, Daphne at: to learn how to partner with us. The more support we get along the way, the more places we can go and the greater number of organizations we can feature.

On a personal level, my ultimate vision is that we grow to the point that we can hit the road, mapping out NPO’s of all kinds across the USA and indeed, across the planet, showcasing as many organizations and share as many stories as we can. As part of my work in the equine industry I often travel internationally to provide seminars and clinics, so if we are in your neck-of-the-woods and you would like us to consider a show on your organization, do not hesitate to reach out. If we have enough notice and time, we will entertain any reasonable inquiry.

Want to get your organization featured on our show?

All you must do is email, “DH Show” to and tell us about you! Be sure and
leave good contact info and any details about your story that you feel relevant and we will look towards
adding you to the list of places for us to visit! This will cost you nothing, we are donating our time and
effort to your cause and your vision. We are not professional videographers, filmmakers, or
commentators, but we are enthusiastic about sharing the passion you bring, and the good you gift into the world through the lives you touch, with as many people as we can!

Thank you for stopping by, send us a message even if it is just to say hello. Don’t forget, if you are
looking for some great equestrian styled apparel, visit our Rugged Posh online store. All proceeds from go to supporting Destination Hope!

Always remember, when our journey is filled with happiness, kindness, and healing, hope becomes our

Thank You,
Your Friend, Kerry M Thomas

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