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Life Through the Senses

services for every horse, in every discipline, from anywhere…

“Harmony with their environment and contentment with their peers, this is the natural desire of every horse, and a common thread between us. Where investing in the physical horse is essential, an investment in the emotional horse is priceless. For it is not the horse’s responsibility to understand our nature, it is our responsibility, to understand theirs.”  ~Kerry M Thomas

You may know what the horse is, but do you know who your horse is?

Should I buy this horse?

Should I breed my horse?

Should I retire my horse?

Is my horse suffering from emotional trauma?

Is my discipline choice and goal compatible with my horse’s psychological makeup?  

What kind of training program best suits my horse’s herd dynamic nature?

How good is my horse’s sensory soundness and ability to manage stress?

Does my horse have the psychological capacity to optimize their physical talent?

If you’re not asking questions and seeking answers, you should be.  

Behavioral Profiling; Video Analysis

Our behavioral profiling option is your gateway into the mind of the horse. Presented as a written analysis, this comprehensive psychological evaluation is your roadmap to responsible Breeding decisions and program management. Equine PTSD and Trauma assessment. Clients have also accessed this analysis for pre-purchase decisions, understanding discipline compatibility, performance aptitude, matching horse to style of training, determining second career choices, therapy horse evaluations and much more.

Email “Behavior” to to learn more about video submissions, on-location availability, payment options and book-in dates.

$1,500.00 US

$500.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure your Book-In Date.

Sensory Soundness, Evaluation and Mapping


Herd Dynamic Profile; psychological notes & recommendations

Sensory Zone & Sensory Lead Change Details

Sensory Sequencing Details and Bridging Locations

*Enrichment Course Diagrams; patterns-in-motion

Sensory Soundness Score

Get the advantage of the worlds first and only Psychosensory Mapping System!

For all disciplines and experience, whether you are trying to reach the next level, prepare for an event, smooth out training bumps or simply want to learn how to build a better working relationship. You can now discover your horse in a way you never thought possible; get mapped!

You get up to 3 sensory enriching patterns-in-motion course designs specifically crafted for your horse and a case review with Kerry, via zoom.

Sensory Soundness Score reflects the aggregate efficacy of sensory capacity when isolated from natural herd structure and peer abridgment. Underwriter of everything from performance capacity to breeding potential, what is defined by nature, can now be nurtured by man. Learn more about this innovative scoring system on the blog post "Sensory Soundness, evaluation and mapping reference guide."

$750.00 US Currency / $200.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your Book-In Date.

Email “Get Mapped” to for book-in dates, video submission details and payment options.

Note: Your horses’ sensory mapping will comprise all the available data taken from the videos provided. On-location option available.

*Life Through The Senses signed map posters are available in our online store.

*Sensory Soundness online course available, go to Education on the toolbar.

Assessments A La Carte

Need some coaching assistance? Want to get your training or performance video evaluated and critiqued for tips on improvement? Need help troubleshooting or identifying behavioral or sensory issues? Want advice on how to create a course design to help your horse with a specific need? Want to have your horse evaluated for athletic potential or do you need help with determining the next step forward? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions or have something else you need help with, A La Carte is the right menu choice for you!  

It’s simple! Book-In, upload your video or submit your quandary, have it analyzed, and live chat with Kerry about the results and findings via zoom!

Schedule your date with Kerry by emailing “A La Carte” to for available times and let us know how we can help you.

Note: This service does not include mapping or full written analysis, however discussion notes and tips are provided. Limited to one video. Video not to exceed 30 minutes in duration.  

$350.00 US to be paid in full to secure your Book-In date.

Sensory Enrichment Custom Course Designs

Regardless of discipline, there is a proper progression to increasing the efficiency of the horse’s mental ability to manage stress and optimize talent. Properly sequenced course designs not only assist the horse’s natural psychological growth patterns, it teaches them life skills that are needed to translate their realized performance capacity beyond the home arena. Custom course designs for your training center or riding school or event are specifically tailored to and for every discipline. You get 5 diagrams from basic to advanced, that include recommendations for how they should be ridden; psychological pace changes and degree of intention in specific areas matter a great deal. Available disciplines include Working Equitation, Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.  

$1,200.00 US Currency. Designs are usually completed within 2 weeks. $375.00 non-refundable deposit required. Use the contact form page on this website to inquire about this service.

Book-In Your Free 30 Minute Consult with Kerry!

Want to learn more about how our unique services can help you and your horse? Want help deciding which service or online educational course would benefit you most? Want to have a quick chat about your horse to learn how a Sensory Mapping can help you achieve your goals? Get the Herd Dynamic advantage, make Sensory Sound decisions; Book-In your Zoom-Consult with Kerry!

How it works? Send us an email -> #ZoomConsult to ->                          Tell us a little about the nature of your request. Include at least 4 dates and times that work for you over a four-week period Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM Eastern; keep in mind that these will have to coincide with corresponding dates and times in the Eastern Time Zone to work for Kerry, (example, if it is 9AM in New York City, what time is that for you?). You will get confirmation of your consultation date or a request to submit new dates if there isn’t an opening. Once Booked-In, you will receive an email with a Zoom link at the time of you appointment.

*Not itself a “service”, the consultation is a free assist to help you navigate which of our services or education programs is the right fit to help you reach your goals. Availability is often limited because of Kerry’s schedule, but if you don’t get in, don’t give up! We do our best to accommodate all requests!

Mapping & Evaluation
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Overview of evaluation
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Sensory Soundness mapping
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Performance is driven by emotion.


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