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Life Through the Senses

services for every horse, in every discipline, from anywhere…

“Harmony with their environment and contentment with their peers, this is the natural desire of every horse, and a common thread between us. Where investing in the physical horse is essential, an investment in the emotional horse is priceless. For it is not the horse’s responsibility to understand our nature, it is our responsibility, to understand theirs.”  ~Kerry M Thomas

You may know what the horse is, but do you know who your horse is?
Should I buy this horse? 
Should I breed my horse? 
Should I retire my horse? 
Why is my horse ________?
Is my discipline choice and goal compatible with my horse’s psychological makeup?  
What kind of training program best suits my horse’s herd dynamic nature?
How good is my horse’s sensory soundness and ability to manage stress?
Does my horse have the psychological capacity to optimize their physical talent? 
If you’re not asking questions and seeking answers, you should be.  

Three Horses
Behavior Assessments; A La Carte

Want to get your training or performance video evaluated and critiqued for tips on improvement? Need help troubleshooting or identifying behavioral or sensory issues? Want to have your horse evaluated for athletic potential or do you need help in determining the next step forward?  Should I buy? Should I lease? Is this horse suitable for my goals, my child’s dreams? Who is my horse, really? How are they handling stress? What does my horse need from me, from their environment, from one another? Is my horse compatible with me, my goals, my preferred discipline? Can you go horse hunting for me please?

If you have ever asked one of these questions, or you have another, flick an email over right now and let’s begin exploring your horse’s world from their view of it! 

A La Carte is the right choice for anyone who, while knowing what their horse is, wants to understand who their horse is!  Learn your horses’ strengths, gain an understanding of their vulnerabilities, build a stronger relationship, together.   

Select from Three Choices: Essential, Sport and Horse-Hunter 

A la Carte Service Picture

A La Carte Essential: Know your horse, improve your relationship!
Step One: Request a Book-In date with an introductory email about your horse.
Step Two: Get your 1 to 3 videos of under 12 minutes each loaded on YouTube for analysis by Kerry! 
Step Three: Receive your horse’s psychological evaluation report with recommendations!
Essential = $275.00 US Currency / Pay in full OR choose a split with Book-In Deposit of $150.00 
$50.00 Upgrade Option; Include a 30 – 60 Minute Zoom chat with Kerry to discuss your evaluation!


A La Carte Sport: Know your horse, improve your performance!
Step One: Request a Book-In date with your introductory email about your horse and your goals.
Step Two: Load on YouTube or have links to videos, training, or performance; up to six, 15-minute videos.
Step Three: Receive your horses’ performance profile and their Discipline Compatibility Score! A+ thru E-
Step Four: Schedule your included Zoom with Kerry to discuss coaching and training recommendations!Sport = $400.00   US Currency / Pay in full OR choose a split with Book-In Deposit of $200.00 

A La Carte Horse Hunter: 
Kerry has discovered some of the finest athletes and pleasure horses from around the world throughout his career. The long list includes horses for Royal Family members, elite racehorses and performance horses of all levels, therapy, and even the ideal trail horse for the casual rider. If you want Kerry to scout and approve horses for you through his vast network of trusted equestrians from around the world, in all disciplines and levels of riding or purposes, this is your option! Finding the right horse partner for whatever your goals may be is a major financial and emotional investment and responsibility. For any relationship to work there must first be compatibility between the two involved, in effect both horse and human should interview for the role they will play in one another’s lives to help make a proper determination. Kerry’s pioneering work in behavior genetics and herd dynamics puts him in a unique position to help you avoid the wrong relationship before you invest in it. For the good of the human, for the good of the horse.

Your first step is to send an email and get scheduled in for your free 30-minute consultation interview with Kerry to discuss your goals and service parameters. 
Second Step: Once Kerry has determined if he will be able to assist you, the horse hunt can begin. Because of the time involved in searching there is a one-time *$150.00 retainment of service fee. 
Third Step: When a potential horse has been located Kerry will apprise you and if you decide to pursue, Kerry will arrange to do a behavioral assessment and full sensory evaluation to determine compatibility. The profiling fee is $300.00 Flat-Rate per horse.  

*The retainment fee is non-refundable and Kerry does not guarantee he will find your dream horse. Compatibility between horse, discipline goals and human partner are all essential parts of the equation that must be considered. Unless otherwise agreed upon, it is standard that the client is responsible for additional fees associated with vetting, travel, and shipping of the horse. You will be given an estimate of any additional fees thus avoiding any surprise charges. 


Not just for the buyer, adding a full Behavioral & Compatibility Assessment of the horses you’re selling provides additional value to your clients and helps improve the chances of success for the horses you’re offering. It’s better the horse’s go where they fit, instead of having to fit where they go.

Get Kerry started on the hunt today!

 Your non-refundable Book-In Deposit for Essential and Sport options secures your place on Kerry’s calendar!  Average case study turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks. 
If you split your payment by using the Book-In Deposit option, your final payment is due upon receipt of your horse’s written assessment for evaluations that do not include a Zoom Chat case review. For Zoom-Upgrade with Essential and for Sport option, final payment is due upon completion of the Zoom case review. 
Get started by mailing “A La Carte” #Essential / #Sport / #HorseHunter to  and tell us a little about your case, your horse, and your goals! 
Note: A La Carte options do not include sensory soundness mapping.  A sample “Sport” performance assessment is available on the website blog titled “A Horse in Motion; Assessing Aptitude, Expression, and Potential”. 


Wild Horses in Black & White
Behavioral Profiling; Breeding

Our behavioral genetic breeding service is your gateway to the mind of the horse. Physical and pedigree are only a part of the breeding equation, mating the right horses means a consideration of not just what they are, but who; the operating system runs the machine you create. This progressive service option is your way forward, behavioral profiles of the Stallion and Broodmare you are considering for your breeding program, regardless of the discipline, is an essential element. Things like sensory soundness and stress management are critical components and should never be undervalued. You can leave the nature of the horse to chance, or get the strategic advantage of it. 

Email “Mating” to to request more information about this service and for pricing, as this service is priced on a case by case basis to allow us to tailor to your specific needs and number of horses. 

Sensory Soundness, Evaluation and Mapping

Get To Know Your Horse

Learn: Your Horse’s Strengths and Vulnerabilities

Discover: Your Horse’s Psychological Profile

Explore: Your Horse’s Psychosensory Map

Get: Your Horse’s Enrichment Course

Reveal: Your Horse’s Sensory Soundness Efficiency Score

Get the advantage of the world’s first and only Psychosensory Mapping System!

For all disciplines and experience, whether you are trying to reach the next level, prepare for an event, smooth out training bumps, or simply want to learn how to build a better working relationship. Now you discover your horse in a way you never thought possible, get mapped! 
You get 3 sensory enriching patterns-in-motion course designs specifically crafted for your horse and a case review with Kerry, via zoom. 

And! Your horse’s Sensory Soundness Efficiency Score! This unique score reflects the aggregate efficacy of sensory capacity when isolated from natural herd structure and peer abridgment. Extremely vital in revealing the true nature and behavioral tendency of your horse, SSES, rated from 0% to 100%, is the world’s first psychosensory rating ever developed.  Underwriter of everything from performance capacity to breeding potential, what is defined by nature, can now be nurtured by man. 

$750.00 US Currency / $200.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your Book-In Date. 

Email “Get Mapped” to for book-in dates and video submission details and payment options. 

Note: Your horses’ sensory mapping will comprise all the available data taken from the videos provided. In most but not all cases, a complete sensory mapping is developed for your horse. On-location option available.

*Life Through the Senses map poster is available on the store. 
*Sensory Soundness online course is also available.

Book-In Your Free 30 Minute Consult with Kerry!

Want to learn more about how our unique services can help you and your horse? Want help deciding which service or online educational course would benefit you most? Want to have a quick chat about your horse to learn how a Sensory Mapping can help you achieve your goals? Get the Herd Dynamic advantage, make Sensory Sound decisions; Book-In your Zoom-Consult with Kerry!

How it works? Send us an email -> #ZoomConsult to ->                          Tell us a little about the nature of your request. Include at least 4 dates and times that work for you over a four-week period Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM Eastern; keep in mind that these will have to coincide with corresponding dates and times in the Eastern Time Zone to work for Kerry, (example, if it is 9AM in New York City, what time is that for you?). You will get confirmation of your consultation date or a request to submit new dates if there isn’t an opening. Once Booked-In, you will receive an email with a Zoom link at the time of you appointment.

*Not itself a “service”, the consultation is a free assist to help you navigate which of our services or education programs is the right fit to help you reach your goals. Availability is often limited because of Kerry’s schedule, but if you don’t get in, don’t give up! We do our best to accommodate all requests!

Mapping & Evaluation
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Sensory Soundness mapping
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Performance is driven by emotion.


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