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"Horses Helping Humans, Humans Helping Horses…“There can be but little healing without hope; it is among the greatest gifts one can give to another, for it is both a journey, and a destination.” Kerry M Thomas

For as long as I have been involved in the equestrian world, I have had a deep-rooted interest in the relationship between horses and humans. The most captivating part for me has always been the sentient horse and the unique ways this communicates with the emotional parts of ourselves. Beyond any racetrack, indoor or out outdoor arena, there lies an intrinsic relationship. Well above the highest rail, shining brighter than any show-sheen in the sun, the captivating depth found looking back through us from the eye of the horse reflects all the honesty and wonder of a childlike imagination.


There are many analogous parameters that connect the human experience with those of the horse, from their idiosyncratic nature to the more social craving group dynamic. The partnership between human and horse has not come to fruition by pure happenstance. Long before the horse transitioned into the now more common sport and weekend pleasure rides, companion and partner in daily life was at the core of their role. The herd dynamics as a social template comfortably fits the elemental nature, of human nature.That relationship, though beset with the physical beauty of the animal, finds harmony with us through the emotional enrichment with which they provide.


Living their lives through the senses, seeking harmony and contentment within the nexus of the physical world and the emotional experience of it. Instinctively we are drawn to the horse not by the beautiful image of themselves, but through the endearing nature of who they are within. We are drawn so, because it touches something deeply natural within us, a whispering reminder of our own inner beauty, the simplicity of pure virtue too often crowded over by the complexity of the outside world. The horse offers solace in emotional reflection, for our truth is not the mirage we see in a mirror, it is the feeling we have in the presence of honesty without judgement. The horse has no judgment of our character, but demands that we account for ourselves and the environment we create.


Through the vision of Destination Hope, our intention is to help touch lives in a positive way, both human and horse. With the help of our program’s mascot Tink, Daphne and I strive to share hope, joy, and healing in the effort to impart kindness into the world around us. Where we all face our different struggles, we can realize a common and cathartic communion from within the beauty of the horse.

Objectives & Projects


100% of the proceeds from Rugged Posh Apparel, our online store are funneled in to Destination Hope to help fund the creation of new programs, provide
education and services to horse and human wellness NPO’s and Equestrian Aftercare initiatives. Our goal
will be to provide educational materials such as courses, seminars, and clinics. Assist with horse selection
for programs, coaching and training, creating innovative and interactive programs and even fund-raising
assistance. We will offer support to as many individual horses or persons as we can who need emotional
or financial aid in order to continue their journey of hope.

We also understand what goes in to maintaining a facility. We will help whenever we are able with the
purchase of feed, equipment, maintenance needs, animal health and welfare and aid for the unexpected
that seems to always come at the worst of times.

From a business standpoint, we will gift our expertise and experience in all aspects from business
coaching, start-up coaching, apparel and store design, logo design, event planning and everything in
between. We will always do our best to help those who request it in every way we are able to. To apply
for assistance, email your request to “DH Helps” @ .

Anyone can be a supporting partner through the purchase of a one of our unique services on behalf of any
NPO program of your choosing, horse or human. If you are interested in exploring this option, please visit and email . You
can also purchase a seminar or clinic for any organization you want, popular for fundraising and other
special events. If you wish to sponsor Destination Hope, carry Rugged Posh Apparel or partner with us in
any way, please email our Director of Marketing, at:

For information about the Destination Hope project, Life Through the Senses; Visual Media projects,
please visit the Visual Media page.


Destination Hope Logo

Meet Tink 

Our Destination Hope Mascot

Tink the Horse

As we kicked off our Destination Hope initiative, the idea of having a mascot for the program had been in the back of my mind for quite some time leading up to launch. A mascot that would both represent our work in the human/horse wellness arena and be fun for kids of all ages. Thanks to the great artistic talents of a local young artist, Sam, I was gifted an original piece for that purpose. Why the name “Tink”? As timing would have it, the mascot was ready to be introduced on an incredibly special day of the year, July 24th. I lost my father to cancer in May of 2002, a very difficult time for all of us as a family. My dad was an incredible human being, and though I am sad I do not have him today to help guide and advise me through life's ups and downs, I am thankful for having a beautiful childhood with memories and lessons abundant from my dad that I have carried forward in life. Growing up, he had a nickname for me, ‘Tink’. My dad was the kind of man who never backed away from helping someone in need, he was a quiet but solid foundation not just for our family, but for many he had touched through the years. Creating Destination Hope was an idea that was, as I look back, nurtured by the example of my dad Ken. As a special, personal tribute to him, on the date of his birthday, it was clear what the name of the mascot was, and Tink was born, July 24th, 2022. *To see more work from the artist, follow on Instagram @pip.cosplays

Horse Legs
“The greatest impediment to success, is the fear of failure.”
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