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“Be the Bridge, Not the Block”

Herd Dynamic and Sensory Soundness

Educational Events
Presented by
Kerry M Thomas


Discover. Learn. Achieve.

     “The best way to learn is through discovery, the best way to achieve, is by not being afraid to”. KMT 

Seminar Topics Include:

~Herd Dynamics and Natural Herd Structure; Harmony and Contentment
~Nature of Co-Dependency, Sensory Soundness, and the Strength of Vulnerability
~ The Sensory Sequence; Unlocking the Mind-To-Body Relationship
~Understanding the 6 Zones of Sensitivity; Sensory Lead Changes
~ Egg of Self-Awareness, Understanding Emotional Depth Perception and Rate of Interpretation
~Psychosensory Alignments, Understanding Sensory-Unsoundness
~Be the Bridge, Not the Block, Outsourcing and the Characteristics of Stress
~Horse V/S Discipline, Understanding the Emotional Demands of Physical Performance
~Practical Applications; Coaching, Enrichment Patterns-In-Motion, the Power of Intention

Clinic Options Include:

Option 1) With up to 4 previously approved demonstration horses you will learn the basics of Sensory
Mapping. Discipline specific horse selection, how to pick the right horse. Learn how to identify emotional
energy distribution and accumulative stressors.
Learn how to determine the basic function of the horse’s
Sensory Egg, depth perception and self-awareness. Learn how to Be the Bridge, Not the Block.

Option 2) Two-part clinic day. First session, same as Option 1 but with 2 previously approved
demonstration horses. Second session, full sensory evaluation and mapping service provided, complete
with enrichment diagram pattern-of-motion design created specifically for your horse. Film footage will
be captured of each horse being mapped for detailed analysis, and for the development of the enrichment
course design. The full analysis process takes place after the clinic. Sensory Map, Evaluation and the
Enrichment Diagram will be emailed upon completion. Special event pricing will be applied. *see
Sensory Soundness Mapping in the services area.

Options 1 and 2:

Learn course designs for enrichment diagrams and how to apply and nurture sensory enriching patterns-
of-motion to stimulate psychological growth, mitigate stressors and advance trainability and performance

Note: Owners of Demo-Horses will have the opportunity to opt-in for a full sensory soundness mapping
an evaluation and will be accommodated whenever possible. Special discounts may be applied for these

Sensory Soundness Mapping and Evaluation Service; Clinic Only Special:
A full Sensory Soundness Evaluation and Mapping service with clinic special pricing. Minimum of 5
horses per day for clinic discount pricing, with a maximum of 8 book-ins a day. Film footage will be
captured of each horse being mapped for detailed analysis, and for the development of the enrichment
course design. The full analysis process takes place after the clinic. Sensory Map and Evaluation and the
Enrichment Diagram will be emailed upon completion. (*see Sensory Soundness Mapping in the services
area for more information)

Event Summary:
Life Through the Senses presentations can be tailored to fit any need, special event, or specific group
upon request. Events are commonly two-days. Single day clinics and educational seminars are available.
Two Day Presentation: The first day is the educational seminar on Herd Dynamics and Sensory
Soundness. These commonly take place in a classroom type setting. The second day is a recap and review
Q-n-A session with a move then into the arena for either Option 1 or Option 2 clinic portion.
At each event Show Special Book-Ins are made available. Anyone that purchases a ticket to attend who
wants to book their horse for an evaluation and mapping after the event can do so at a discounted show
price. Where there may be a limited number of dates available, we try to accommodate everyone who
wants to get their horse on Kerry’s evaluation schedule.
We do not offer “fence-sitter” opportunities at most events; some special exceptions may be
accommodated for single day clinics. Please ask ahead of time! Our events are exclusive to and for those
who purchase a ticket. Kerry’s work isn’t entertainment focused, there’s “nothing to see” from an abstract
view, but everything to see and learn when you’re a participant. Events are reserved for the discerning
equestrian who wishes to take their understanding of horse psychology and herd dynamics to a whole new
Fee structure is on an event-to-event basis. There is no standard fee because there are so many moving
parts involved with each different venue and location. We commonly tailor to fit the needs of our
prospective participants, resulting in fee structures predicated upon the details of each unique event.
Where we try to accommodate everyone, we all know it isn’t always possible. That said, we strive to
collaborate to meet your needs. Life is a shared learning experience, and we can only grow together when
we work together for a common goal.


Distinguished Event Opportunity:

Combo-Events with Kerry M Thomas and Doctor Shelley Appleton are available! The much-celebrated
Applied Sensory Soundness Tour, Australia 2023, presented an historic opportunity for attendees to
experience an equestrian event unlike anything presented before. Kerry and Shelley are a powerful one-
two punch of innovative horsemanship with both educational and practical value takeaways offered in no
other venue. The collaboration between Kerry and Shelley is as insightful as it is telling, from human to
horse, the advantage of learning from their experience and innovation, is priceless. If you want to book
them, don’t delay, email today!


All events are available worldwide, for every horse, in every discipline. From beginner horse lover to
seasoned equestrian, if you like to make new discoveries and learn new things, you’ve arrived at the right
Custom Topic Online Seminars?

Yes! Kerry will consider any request to give a presentation via Zoom, these will be limited to single-topic
educational seminars commonly not exceeding 120 minutes in duration, times will vary. To request your
online seminar, send an email with your topic of interest. All topics will be considered, not all topics will
be approved. Send an email with your inquiry. *Inquire about pricing for groups larger than 25

*Fee $450.00 US

Want to organize an event? Want to sponsor an event? Want to discuss different options? Have questions?
Email “Events” to

Perth Seminar
Melbourne Clinic
Sydney Seminar
Shelley and Kerry
Kerry Teaching
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Applied Sensory Soundness Tour Australia
Melbourne, Sydney & Perth November, 2023
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