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Life Through the Senses;
Education, Consulting, 
Behavioral Profiling 
With, Kerry M Thomas

"Education is your most powerful tool, applying it, your most practical path forward. Be the bridge, not the block..." K.M.T

What is Sensory Soundness?

"When we discover how our horses are communicating with their environment, we can learn how to properly communicate with them. For we will always find that to better understand the world of the horse, we must explore the horse's view, of their world." kmt The Sensory Unsound horse is subject to psychological imbalances; the degree of misalignment every bit as, if not more impactful than being physically unsound and off balance. Affecting everything that is asked to be translated into physical movement, Sensory Soundness connects the physical world with the emotional horse. Sensory Soundness is the measure of an individual’s capacity to harmonize with their environment, mitigate emotional stress and realize contentment through the efficiency of their sensory sequence. Profoundly speaking, sensory soundness is the fluent intersection between corporeal and cognitive senses, connecting the physical world with the emotional horse. The sensory system is tasked with innumerable physical as well as emotional charges. Everything the horse was, is and can become, from hierarchical placement in nature to their capacity of realizing physical talent as athletes in a domesticated world, is predicated upon the efficiency of and the responses to, their sensitivities. Sensory soundness is to the emotional horse what oxygen is to the physical body; it is the operating system that runs the machine. In the realm of equine science some might say that Kerry has revolutionized the understanding of horse behavior and performance through his pioneering concept of Sensory Soundness. Unlike conventional methods that primarily focus on physical attributes, sensory soundness delves into the intricate world of a horse's sensory perception to unlock the keys to their true potential. At the core of Sensory Soundness lies the recognition that a horse's behavior and performance are deeply influenced by their sensory experiences. Through meticulously analyzing a horse's sensory profile, encompassing visual, auditory, and tactile sensitivities, invaluable insights into understanding their individual temperament, preferences, and potential limitations are revealed. More than “what” the horse is, you learn “who” the horse is. An approach that goes beyond mere observation; it involves a systematic assessment that considers various environmental stimuli and how they shape a horse's responses. Through this comprehensive understanding, trainers, riders, and owners can tailor their interactions, training methods, and environments to optimize the horse's comfort, confidence, and performance. What sets Sensory Soundness apart is its holistic perspective, acknowledging the interconnectedness of a horse's sensory experiences with their overall emotional well-being and performance. By embracing this paradigm shift, equestrians can foster stronger bonds with their equine partners and unlock new levels of achievement. In essence, Sensory Soundness and Sensory Mapping represent a groundbreaking paradigm shift in equine science, offering a transformative approach that empowers equestrians to enhance the welfare and performance of their horses through a deeper understanding of their sensory world.

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Welcome to: The Art of Visual Handicapping; Identifying Athletes
Life Through The Senses; Master Class
Visual Handicapping

“The ability to compete is an attribute of physical talent, being competitive is an aptitude of psychology.” kmt


"A horse lives by the laws of their nature. Where they fit in to the herd, how they interpret their world, how they learn, how they're coached, how they ultimately perform, is governed by the rules of that nature; it is wise to make and effort, to understand it." ~ Kerry M Thomas


I came across Kerry from THT Bloodstock about 9 months ago and have been obsessed since.  His knowledge and understanding of Herd Dynamics and Sensory Soundness is unrivalled.  I have listened to podcasts, had my horses sensory soundness mapping done, read his book and even attended his inaugural 2 day seminar in Sutton Forest, Australia.  Kerry’s unique understanding of horses and his ability to teach and enhance horse owners understanding of their own horses is amazing.  I have learnt so much from Kerry and I now look at horses in a completely different way.  Kerry’s saying “the operating system runs the machine” is so vital to understanding horses and their behaviours,  that I feel every horse person should be exposed to Kerry’s teachings.  I can’t wait for all of his new course offerings and I hope that if you are reading this, you too delve into the world of Herd Dynamics and Sensory Soundness.  You will not be disappointed.

 Lisa Savli   ACT, Australia

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