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Coaching With Kerry

Be Empowered, become a student today!

Welcome to the fascinating world of performance profiling, a unique opportunity that explores the operating system running the machine; the psychology of the athlete. 
An intimate study of the minute psychosensory details to determine how effectively the horse is clearing space and how efficiently they are managing stress, critical precursors to fluent physical motion, can make all the difference. Sensory efficiency is vital for the optimization of talent; successful combination of physical movement is predicated upon the fluent combination of psychological processes. Deepen your understanding of the horse, improve your relationship, and unlock the hidden talent within each of you, book-in your personalized coaching session with Kerry and become a student today; your horse, your curriculum, your journey… 

Tegan Lush, 5-Star Event Rider and Coach, Australia

“Engaging in a Coaching With Kerry session was truly enlightening. His keen attention to detail and passion for enhancing the horse's well-being is inspiring. The insights gained are invaluable, and I'm eager to incorporate Kerry's exercises into our routine”.

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Improved Training, Performance, Compatibility, and Enrichment… it all starts here!

Advancing your performance aptitude provides the doorway to success. Regardless of the sport, physical talent is fully realized only through the psychological aptitude of the athlete, human or horse. Whether you’re trying to navigate training and performance issues, shave seconds off your total time or improve the exactness of movement, Kerry’s pioneering work in herd dynamics and sensory soundness have opened the trail for a new way forward. From the novice rider to the elite competitor, gain the insight you need to understand how your horse is interpreting their world and responding to the world that has been created for them. Learning how to amplify strengths and minimize vulnerability is essential for the successful communication required in any human to horse athletic alliance. Through an assessment of this cooperation Kerry will identify both and teach you how to maximize your relationship; become a student and explore the world of the horse through the horses’ view of their world! 
Understanding what’s between your horse’s ears starts with expanding the learning between yours!

Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping, Hunter-Jumper, Endurance, Pleasure Riding and beyond…

“How you’re asking precedes what you’re asking. You never want to risk associations that trigger negatively stored, anticipated responses. No horse can be coached forward or prepared to compete, with these in tow. The only way to realize precision of movement, and sustainably decrease the time of performance, is by increasing the rate of sensory efficiency within it; cleanly, smoothly, without interruption.” kmt

On-Line Coaching: 

Starting at $225.00, have your training or performance video analyzed to determine instruction parameters for both you and your horse and learn where and how to improve your performance via zoom and a film study breakdown! Performance profile notes and recommendations included! 
Continue-with-Kerry: $75.00 per video analysis and coaching session. 

Starting at $300.00, have your performance or training session evaluated in-person. Video footage provided for us or recorded by us, will then be analyzed to determine instruction parameters for both you and your horse. Film study breakdown via Zoom or in-person with performance profile notes and recommendations included! 
Continue-with-Kerry for only $100.00 per evaluation and coaching session! *Includes video analysis!

Real-Time Pivo: 
Starting at $265.00, get live, in-the-moment coaching while recording your session for more detailed analysis. Includes performance profile notes and Zoom film study! *No live session via Pivo when you’re working with your trainer unless previously agreed to by your trainer.  
Continue-with-Kerry for only $85.00 per video analysis and coaching session!

Book your coaching session today!

Simply email #Coach to Tell us how we can help you achieve your goals! From general inquiries to specific challenges, we're here to help you realize your dreams! For every horse, in any discipline, from everywhere! 
Your non-refundable book-in deposit of $85.00 ensures your initial post-position in Kerry’s schedule.
**No Book-In Fees for students**
All funds in US Currency.  
Clinics are available, visit Educational Events for details. 

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