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Destination Hope

"the first step in realizing your dreams, is believing that you can." kmt

About Us:

Welcome to Destination Hope’s Digital Media Productions, a newly minted initiative dedicated to illuminating the often-overlooked goodness in the world. Across America and around the globe, countless wonderful non-profit organizations (NPOs) are committed to the symbiotic relationships between humans and animals. Many of these organizations, large and small, not only rescue animals but are instrumental in providing hope and healing for people. Sanctuaries of kindness where hope is truly a destination. Many if not all of these programs fight their own struggle to survive every day.

I know this from personal experience. As the one-time manager of a startup NPO In Pennsylvania, I witnessed firsthand the strains of staying afloat while facilitating the magical connections formed through emotional bonds. Our organization was just one among many, and it became clear to me that the ongoing challenge of balancing financial stability with providing excellent service and animal care is a relentless tug-of-war. Most of these organizations operate on tight budgets, with little room for advertising or marketing. As a result, their incredible efforts often go unnoticed.

This is where Destination Hope comes in. My wife, Daphne, and I are determined to change that. Through Destination Hope’s Digital Media Productions, we aim to become a beacon of hope for the future of these NPOs, who give so much to so many every day. Whether through podcasts or video, our goal is to provide a platform for them to share their daily lives and tell their stories to the world.


Our Mission:

Destination Hope is more than just a media production company; it is a movement aimed at recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary efforts of those who dedicate their lives to animal welfare and human well-being. We believe in the profound impact that emotional wellness has on individuals and communities. Animals, especially horses, play a crucial role in this. Their natural herd dynamics and mutual dependence mirror the connections so familiar to us as humans, this being the cornerstone for our incredible bond through the ages. Connecting with horses is an emotional experience, cathartic and healing in so many ways.  

By highlighting the work of the hard working and dedicated folks who work in, for and with animal-based wellness NPOs, we aim to spread awareness and appreciation for their tireless efforts. Through our digital media content, we seek to inspire others to get involved, support, and contribute to these causes. Our goal is to create a ripple effect of positive change, where kindness and compassion are acknowledged and amplified. In short, we want to provide a space to share their incredible stories and the stories of those affected by their positive efforts!


Meet Our Mascot, Tink!

At the heart of Destination Hope is our beloved mascot, Tink. Tink embodies the spirit of hope, resilience, and the deep bond between humans and animals. Tink is also known for sharing his positive vibe thoughts and catchy slogans to help brighten our days. Be sure and look for “Think Like Tink” features on the Sensory Soundness Tik Toc and across our various socials! We hope to put Tink in the hands of many children going forward, as a plushy!

With Tink by our side, Daphne and I will bring you heartfelt stories and insightful conversations that highlight the good in the world. Together, we aim to shine a light on the unsung heroes who make a difference every day.

(Read more about Tink and learn the significance behind the name on the Destination Hope page on this website. Get Tink Apparel and show your support!)


How You Can Help:

As we embark on this journey, we need your help! Do you know of an NPO, person, or any similar organization that would make a great feature story? Tell us! Are you a media network, business or individual interested in sponsoring a show or a series? Let us know! Your support can help us bring more stories of hope to the forefront and provide much-needed recognition for those who deserve it.


Join Us in Making a Difference:

We invite you to join us in making a difference. Proceeds from our website stores are funneled into Destination Hope initiatives and help support animals and children, educational seminars and even clinics! If you want to gift an evaluation or coaching service, clinic, seminar or any educational course from our Life Through the Senses Equestrian Center, to a particular program or individual, just ask!

By supporting Destination Hope, you become part of a community that values compassion, empathy, and the transformative power of emotional connections. Together, we can create a world where the good deeds of many are acknowledged and celebrated.


Please email all inquiries to Daphne Thomas; Email #Hope to:


Thank you for stopping by and supporting our mission.


~Kerry and Daphne

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