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Understanding Sensory Soundness; the Speed of Perception...

Welcome back and enjoy the new blog about the next learning module offered on our educational platform, "Life Through the Senses", where our expedition into the mind of the horse continues with our latest educational offering: Understanding Sensory Soundness, Module Two. This module is an essential step on the road to mastering the intricacies of sensory soundness and working through the mysteries of sensory unsoundness in horses.


Unveiling Psychological Pace and Equine Athleticism...

In Module Two, we delve into the fascinating world of psychological pace and the speed of perception in equine athletes. Building on the foundation of Module One, we explore how horses perceive and process sensory information, revealing insights that can transform your approach to training and communication.

Imagine understanding the unique psychological rhythm of your horse and using that knowledge to enhance their performance and well-being. Module Two introduces you to the principal fundamentals of this process, offering advanced insights, techniques and real-world considerations of reactions and responses, to help you understand how your horse emotionally integrates sensory inputs that are revealing of the operating system running the machine.

The significance of sensory soundness cannot be underappreciated. Sensory soundness is the cornerstone of a horse’s ability to move fluently and perform athletically. Horses experience time through the pressures they endure, affecting their physical responses and overall performance. By understanding the sensory sequence and the speed of perception, you can better appreciate the unique processing times of horses and how this both binds and separates individuals.


Our journey in Module Two includes:

Exploration of Psychological Pace: You will learn how the psychological pace of your horse influences their athletic expression and emotional well-being.

Advanced Understanding of Sensory Integration: You will discover the “what” and “how” components of Interpretative Ratio as well as the crucial importance of the entire interpretive processes. These essential ingredients of psychology determine the horse’s integration of sensory input and govern their ability to focus and perform.

Real-world Appreciation: You will gain an understanding of core behavioral genetic values that are not only relevant to training and competitive scenarios, making your horse more adaptable and resilient, but are key to discovering exactly what it is your horse is asking of you to secure the relationship between you.

Interactive Learning: With graphs, charts and downloadable takeaways you can transform your classroom experience into the real-world environment and begin to study your own horse. Reflect upon your own experiences and become an active participant in transforming the way in which you communicate with and understand your equine partners.


The Psychological Pace Index:

The Psychological Pace Index, a groundbreaking concept developed through years of research, explores the profound effects of herd dynamics and behavioral genetics on athletic expression. Understanding ‘who’ a horse is significantly influences ‘what’ they can achieve, both independently and within the herd.

One of the most significant insights is how horses experience time and distance. Each horse has a unique psychological rhythm, crucial for staying ahead of environmental stimuli and achieving harmony with their surroundings. The Psychological Pace Index guide provides the keys to unlocking better relationships with horses and creating tailored coaching, training, and breeding programs.

Our approach is rooted in extensive research and practical experience. Module Two provides an essential introductory outline drawn from many years of study, presenting the three main levels of psychological herd structure and our relationship with them in our domesticated, performance driven environment. This foundation enables you to begin creating practical breeding, training, and performance coaching programs. By understanding the visual cues and expressions that indicate whether a horse is maintaining focus, you will deepen your understanding and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with your horse. This module sets the stage for hands-on learning and real-world applications in subsequent modules. For there is a massive divide between a horse that appears to be focused and interpreting, and a horse that actually is. Knowing the difference can make all the difference in your relationship with them; how you ride, train, coach and breed is significantly linked to the sensory sequence and rate of interpretation.

Understanding Individual and Group Herd Dynamics is another core element, and we cover this in Module Two as well. The collaboration between the Individual Herd Dynamic (IHD) and the Group Herd Dynamic (GHD) allows horses to respond to their environment with a nearly circular view of the world. The GHD aids the IHD, enabling horses to stay focused on tasks while maintaining awareness of their surroundings. This balance is crucial for effective performance and training.


A Must-Have for Every Equestrian? Indeed!

While Module Two stands alone in its comprehensive approach, it builds on the principles covered in Module One. If you haven’t yet taken the first module, now is the perfect time to invest in both. Together, these modules offer a holistic approach to understanding and enhancing your horse’s sensory soundness, paving the way for unparalleled performance.

Join Us on This Journey! I value your interest in expanding your knowledge and these modules are strategically sequenced to provide maximum learning and application. Whether enrolling in "Understanding Sensory Soundness, Module Two" or any of our other unique offerings at Life Through the Senses Educational Center, my intention is your enrichment and that your knowledge gained connects you with a community of passionate equestrians dedicated to exploring the magical mind of the horse.

Don’t miss out, for if you want to up your game, you must be willing to up your game… Visit our website today to enroll and start a journey of discovery unlike any other. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a dedicated rider, our courses will provide you with the tools and knowledge to bring out the best in your horse, and yourself!


An investment in your horse’s emotional wellbeing is an investment in your future. Become the partner your horse is asking you to be. Elevate your Intellectual ROI; Be the Bridge, Not the Block.    


*Special Note:

I had always intended to make each “lesson” in this course an individual, stand-alone offering. My goal is to make the entire course easier to afford by presenting it step-by-step, learn as you go in your own time and manner. To achieve this I realized, as I continued to push the envelope and peer ever deeper into the mind of the horse, it was not going to be practical to proceed exactly in the way I at first envisioned. The information is too important, too essential to overall equine emotional wellness and far too integral in our ability to develop our relationships with them, to present the “lessons” in cumbersome and bulky formats. Not only that, but I’m also taking you along with me on this fascinating journey. With each new case from basic evaluations to my work in coaching, new discoveries are made and, in my effort, to always provide you with the very best Intellectual ROI, it would be irresponsible of me not to offer the massive amount of content that comprises the equine psychology, in more interesting detail. To that end, this course has changed course, so to speak, and will proceed forward in educational modules. Each module will be accessible for one full year so that you can continue to reflect upon them in a continuous learning capacity.


Life Through the Senses Education Center, the nexus of progressive innovations and practical horsemanship.

Thank you for your time, perhaps I’ll see you along the trail or at any upcoming event! ~Kerry


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