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The End of an Era; THT Bloodstock and the Kentucky Derby Patterns of Motion Analysis... Nevermore

Updated: Feb 14

It has been quite a long journey both personally and professionally since I embarked on this quest to discover the unique characteristics of the equine mind. In 2008 I launched Thomas Herding Technique, an unknown company of one, and pushed my chips on the table. Taking the big leap of faith in myself and, throwing caution to the wind, I was perfectly excited to risk it all to chase a dream; being unafraid of the failures that lie ahead I knew could lead to a brighter future for tomorrow.

Among the greatest impediments to success is the fear of failure.

Throwing myself into a mindset of research and learning, my mission to develop innovative equestrian services and present new ideas taking me to many places across many disciplines that included human/horse emotional wellness programs. At length, a fingernail grip on thoroughbred racing’s outer edge is where I started to dig in, and slowly make a difference. Hand to mouth living and scraping along, an apartment in Lexington that had no bed because I couldn’t afford one; indeed, I’ve learned throughout my life that there is no struggle too great to bear in the pursuit of dreams that never die.

Onward: See the horse, feel the athlete

In 2011 the first ever Kentucky Derby report was published, where through the then still in its infancy, Herd Dynamic Profiling, I selected Animal Kingdom as the most likely horse to win the 137th running. And on May 7, 2011, he proved the value in herd dynamic evaluations and sensory efficiency for elite athletics. The way forward was at hand.  

Growing in popularity the Derby Analysis reached international recognition. Referenced and quoted throughout television, podcasts, radio and in many publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal all the way to my being featured, and sketched, on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

The goal was not so much to “select winners”, though we did quite well at that, but rather to change the conversation. I was determined to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce people to the horse in a different way than they may otherwise have been considered. Each year for the Derby Report I would put to pen an important position paper on various topics related to the equine mind and the emotive perspective of their performance. This was my way of sharing both my work to date as well as my views. To know me is to know that everything I write I do so from a place that is deeply personal. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I truly believe that changing the lexicon used to describe a thing is an important first step toward changing industry thought patterns that are built upon it.

The horse must stay ahead of any business that is assembled around them, lest their “welfare first” remain a priority in rhetoric only. “Who” the horse is, far more valuable to the long-term growth and success of any equestrian industry, than “What” the horse is.

If the athlete is not mentally capable of handling the emotional demands of the discipline we have chosen, they will never fully realize the talent we see in them and try to breed into them. It is unsustainable and breed-weakening to continuously base matings solely upon a physical foundation for any animal whose emotional intelligence is the executor of their physical talent. A plethora of average bred for an industry that values greatness inevitably leaves its excess in the junk yards of progress.

In time, Thomas Herding Technique evolved, growing into what became THT Bloodstock.

With then partner Pete Denk, who was an invaluable part of the growth in THT’s Thoroughbred Racing program and brilliant racing mind who taught me more about that industry than anyone, we continued the Derby Analysis. Through exciting successes and continued advancements, THT was soon on the international racing stage and our horse-first ethics is something we demanded at every turn. From horse sales to the breeding sheds around the world, we continued to chip away at making our story’s history; horses understood properly are considered firstly as being emotionally driven athletes, not machines. Advocacy for the horse, through the horse, by the horse.

I am proud of the fact that our Derby Analysis grew to reach not just handicappers and punters, but jockeys, owners, the media, the average fan of horse racing and both the new and seasoned lovers of horses in general. To say that there isn’t a part of me that will miss it all, would be folly. I will always like racing even though it seems its industry has trouble getting out of its own way. Horses after all, love to run by nature. The services now offered on this website reflect my position to provide the best for the horse, less discipline specific and more tailored to who the horses are. Horse ahead of discipline is a requirement in my book if we hope to help our horses safely realize achievable goals and optimize physical talent.

On February 11th, 2024, after much thought, many changes, and a new vision for the future, I officially dissolved THT Bloodstock, rendering the 2023 Kentucky Derby Herd Dynamics Analysis as being the last. This is not a closing of the door on my adoration and love for the thoroughbred or the sport of kings, rather it is the opening of another, broader doorway. Offering this work I have started to new frontiers in every equestrian industry and discipline at any level.

I truly appreciate all the support we had over these years and that I have now as we move forward, from all around the world, to all parts of the world. I cherish the memorable experiences I have had and embrace the ones we will have and the incredible places I have seen while being excited for those we will see. I hold dear and value greatly the friendships that still, and will always, remain.

Indeed, the work is far from finished; I am far from done.

A new way forward is now at hand, and with my soon to be wife Daphne by my side, Sensory Soundness and everything that is collateral to it is taking center stage into the future we will build together for the horses and the humans who love them. It was instinctively I began to realize that the time has come to turn a new page for my life’s work and embrace the next chapter upon the heels of all that I have learned so far. I never question my instincts.

My focus now wholly upon impassioned efforts to help as many others as I can through an ever-deepening understanding of herd dynamics, sensory soundness, psycho-sensory mapping, Equine PTSD and managing trauma in both horses and humans through our Destination Hope initiative. I’m excited to share through new education programs via Life Through the Senses, our online platform, and continue to research and provide the horse world with the most unique educational opportunities and equestrian services available anywhere.

I will keep pushing my envelope to learn and make new discoveries as we continue the expedition through the mind of the horse. I invite you along with me, rummage about and enjoy this new website, Like and Follow our new FB Page, our YouTube Channel, and our brand-new Podcast that we have great plans for. You can help us grow while participating in the cultivation of a larger and better future for the equestrian world around us! Oh, and please don’t miss out on our Educational Events and Presentations! Our unique services and educational materials are for horses in every discipline because as we surely know, performance is driven by emotion. When you want to up your game, you must first be willing to up your game.

I started this journey as a nothing and an industry “no one”, with only an idea and a dare-to-succeed attitude who knew he had a lot to learn. There can be no doubt that though I have been taught many lessons, there are yet a great many still to learn. I am willing to learn them, even if I at first fail in my efforts, I will not be deterred. For where the way forward may appear as only an image in the mist, when you believe in yourself, you become the bridge, not the block.

Thank you for your support as we journey forward.

Your Friend, Kerry


*The historical archives of the Kentucky Derby Analysis will not be lost as we go about removing the THT Bloodstock website, they will remain available on this website and can be located in the About section.

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