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Kerry Thomas’ Visual Handicapping; Kentucky Derby150 Analysis and Beyond!

Updated: Apr 27

And we’re off...

This year marks a new beginning starting with the 2024 Kentucky Derby as we delve into the psychology of motion and embrace the essence of horse racing: the fusion of beauty, emotion, and performance. For over two decades, I've delved into the psyche of these majestic creatures, gaining an ever deeper understanding of how performance is driven by their emotions. Throughout my career, I've traced and studied the unique characteristics of elite athletes in order to learn how to identify them. And be it through my work in evaluating Kentucky Derby horses, the services I provide or the courses that I write for my educational programs, I have a passion for sharing my discoveries with you. The following is a quick look about this year and the days ahead, for I am determined to press on and share their view from the hoof.


Understanding the Essence of Horse Racing:

At the core of Visual Handicapping lies the understanding that what we see as a race is largely experienced by the horse as a herd in motion, and all the laws of their nature apply. It's about unlocking the secrets to horse racing success by exploring the essential elements that define elite performance.


Transcending Traditional Statistics:

Through visual handicapping, we transcend traditional statistics, delving deep into the tangible qualities that set champions apart—grit, heart, and unwavering determination. With meticulous observation and instinctual insights, we unveil the true competitive nature of each horse.


The Competitive Edge Rating:

The Competitive Edge Rating is the evaluation of an athlete's ability to merge physical and psychological characteristics effectively, especially under pressure. This assessment considers individual strengths and weaknesses in sensory perception, athletic proficiency, and the capacity to handle competitive stress without succumbing to mental fatigue.


Deciphering Individual Athletes:

Ultimately, we're not just handicapping races; we're dissecting the individual athletes within. By deciphering their behavioral characteristics and examining their physical expressions, we get the measure of strength against vulnerability.


Looking at Distance from the Horse’s Point of View:

It's important to look at "distance" from the horse’s point of view, which is duration. It’s not a question of how many furlongs the race is or how long the course is; it's about the duration of time that the horse can sustain mental engagement and efficiency in a competitive fashion.


The Pursuit of Greatness:

The pursuit of greatness goes deeper than the morning line; it's about identifying the true athletes and understanding that who they are precedes what they are in the pursuit of greatness, where performance is driven by emotion.

Thank you for your support, all of us win when we explore the world of the horse, through the horse’s view of the world.


Check out the YouTube video linked below to learn more:

“Identifying Athletes, Derby 150 and Beyond”


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