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Life Through the Senses
Educational Series
Course 2

Equine PTSD; the Impact of Trauma
Navigating the Path to Re-Alignment

About this course, a brief introductory:
Few things in life are more demoralizing or debilitating than the heavy weight and strain of trauma.
Whether caused by physical health challenges or purely emotionally driven issues, accumulative stressors
are very disruptive. Any creature whose intellect is driven in part or in whole by emotion, is subjected to
psychological trauma in varying degrees throughout their lives. The capacity to filter out stress before it
accumulates and becomes disruptive is based upon many individual factors; helping the individual
navigate through the emotional detritus and back on the path to harmony and contentment is predicated
upon the degree of their sensory soundness.

For this course I have planned out a very comprehensive study of trauma unlike anything before offered.
The same psychological and sensory processes that allow emotional trauma to lodge inside the mind are
the ones that are the path to freedom. Where we cannot change nor always understand what has happened,
we can take the proper steps forward by carefully disassembling the pieces of the phycological puzzle,
and thoughtfully reassembling them.

Therapy is not a process of erasing what has happened, it is the process of changing the relationship, with

Please note that I am writing these courses in a sequenced order. It is strongly recommended that you
complete the first course, Understanding Sensory Soundness, so that when you embark on this next
journey you have a solid foundation upon which to take this step. I had originally thought that I would
make course 2 on the psychology of training and coaching, but this will now be course 3. So many horses
are already housing some form of emotional trauma before they start training for the career us humans
have selected or bred them for, and/or are faced with the imprinting of emotional trauma from the
training, that I had to flip-flip the release of these two courses. It’s the only way to serve the horses needs

Since the release of my early work on Equine PTSD and the more recent Podcast on the subject that I did
with my friend Dr. Shelley Appleton (you can find the podcast series on this website and on Spotify by
searching Dr. Shelley Appleton Podcast), I have continued to research this vital topic. Motivated to
discover and develop innovative and practical solutions to this oft times complex issue, Course 2 will
break new ground in the field emotional wellness.

The path to re-alignment starts here.
I encourage you to get signed up on the school and if you can, get started on Course 1, Understanding Sensory Soundness.

Thank you.
Your Friend,

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