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Understanding Sensory Soundness; Mapping the Sequence

We must be sensitive to the reality that we are asking the herd-wired prey species, constructed by nature, to fit into a world, built by man... I wrote this course for you, you're here because I dare say that like me, you have an inquisitive nature and a desire to learn. It is important to me that I share and teach in the best way I know how, what took me 30 plus years of study to realize. Life is an experience best lived through the senses; when we connect emotionally with our horses, the bond we feel becomes a relationship we value. My goal is to help you peer through the window of the unknown, into a place where what is felt is more authentic than what is seen. Nothing in the world of the horse has more influence on their lives than does their unique sensory soundness; every physical expression an extension of emotion. Everything they were, are, and can become, hinges upon it. My objective with this course is to give you a pure understanding of what it means to be sensory sound, what the sensory sequence is, how it works and introduce you to the fundamentals of charting a horses sensitivities. The discovery of Sensory Mapping opens the door to a whole new world for you and your horse. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding by strengthening your appreciation of the intricate and beautiful nature within the equine mind. The ingredients of “who” make up the capacity for expression of “what;” each horse is their own canvas. Where there are commonalities in the sum of the whole, there are dramatic differences within the herd-wired horses' singular characteristics. Sensory "cartography" is a journey into the mind of the horse that can only be traversed by following the trail to where the physical and emotional worlds collide. I invite you to come along on this expedition of discovery and journey with me as we investigate how the operating system, runs the machine.

~ Kerry M Thomas

This course comprises 12 individual lessons each becoming available the moment they are ready for release.

Each lesson will be offered individually to allow you to learn at your own pace and pay as you go for convenience. 

*First Lesson for, Understanding Sensory Soundness; Mapping the Sequence, COMING SOON!. Cost: $80.00 US Currency

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