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Herd Dynamic Edu: Life Through the Senses 

Seminar & Clinic

Presented by

Kerry M Thomas

“Sensory Soundness; the fluent intersection between corporeal and cognitive senses,

connecting the physical world with the emotional horse.” KMT

The Seminar

~Herd Dynamics and the Nature of Performance; Breeding and Welfare, the Sensory Soundness Effect~

There are few things more fascinating than the unique ingredients that define the individual horse. Emotional, sentient animals, horses are often a reflection of their environment. Herd dynamic characteristics, traits and tendencies are driven by emotion which combine to define the individual within hierarchical structure, an individual governed by the degree of their sensory soundness. The dependent & co-dependent nature of life on the hoof is not erased in a world behind fences. It is not up to the horse to understand us, it is up to us to understand the horse.

In this comprehensive seminar we will take a deep dive into the sensory system, its functionality, the relationship between emotional interpretations of the physical environment and the impact this has in every aspect along the journey of the horse’s life. From their enrichment and growth as weanlings to the proper re-training and welfare in aftercare, who they are governs what they are capable of. It is not the horse’s responsibility to understand us, it our responsibility to understand the horse.


Just some of what we will delve into:

~herd structure; the roles of group & individual herd dynamics

~performance; driven by emotion / independent nature / talent versus ability / keeping the mind ahead

~mapping the senses, understanding interpretative ratios, Sensory Lead Changes & the meaning of time-in-motion / impact of emotional stress and the give and take of sensory impeding equipment.

~the mating game; breed a better horse, realize a better athlete / herd dynamic stamping / fitting the puzzle

~after the dance, equine PTSD & trauma management for a better tomorrow / nurturing emotional scars


My presentation style is casual, interactive and I encourage discourse and thought-sharing. The only way for any of us to push the envelop forward is to be open to learning and discovering together. If we want to advance the integrity of the equestrian industry, we must preserve the integrity of the horse. Suitable for all enthusiasts from student to professional: Herd Dynamics Matter, for every horse, in every discipline, from anywhere. 



Riders Up! Life Through the Senses, The Clinic

Two main clinics are offered with an added *Plus clinic available, see Riders Up particulars*


Sensory Soundness Mapping & Enrichment Course



Mapping of the sensory system and determine efficiency and processing ratios, identify strength and weaknesses, areas of outsourcing and dependency/co-dependency are assessed and Sensory Lead Change locations are identified. As your horse’s sensory map comes together, we will develop a course designed from the horse’s interpretations of their environment. We will determine mind-to-body fluency and you will learn about identifying footfalls for space, angle, and pressure to help adjust and balance the horse’s psychological pace with their physical rhythm.


Upgrade Your Experience! Your 45 minutes to 1 hour clinic session will be recorded for further study, your horse’s map will be filled out in more detail and you will be provided recommendations for the improvement and advancement of your horses’ sensory efficiency and stress management. Updated Map & Recommendations can be emailed and/or physically mailed to you. Also included a free 30-minute follow-up consultation call or zoom to discuss the map and recommendations.


RWF Critique, Coaching & Playbook Development



How well is your intent-of-purpose translating through the horse? Are you absorbing or contributing to your horses’ outsourcing tendency? Are you getting in the horses’ way? Is your physical correspondence interfering with your emotional communication? Ever feel like your horse’s body is ahead of their mind, bumpy, losing focus, hard to “steer”? Take your relationship and your time in saddle to the next level with RWF critique and coaching and learn how to match your intention with the emotional rhythms and interpretative/processing speed of your horse’s sensory system. We will develop a herd dynamic performance profile of your horse and create real-time playbook designs, (adjustments based upon your horse’s psychological makeup that maximize and strengthen) in order to harmonize your horse with their environment and help them realize contentment in movement. We will evaluate how your horse is managing performance stress, how they filter and process emotionally driven stresses and how their emotions and yours, are translated into movement.


Upgrade Your Experience! Have your 45 minutes to 1 hour RWF clinic session recorded for further study and get the advantage of a full performance profile. The session will be studied in detail and a profile developed with key points and recommendations. Building your horse’s program from the inside out, you will get an advanced Playbook course design to create your next mental stimulus obstacle course; Playbook and recommendations can be emailed or physically mailed to you. A free 30-minute consultation call or zoom is included to discuss your playbook design and coaching forward recommendations. Our innovative Performance Critique Score is also included. *See Sport & Pleasure Horse Services for details.

HD Edu; Life Through the Senses


The Seminar Particulars & Remote Learning Options


Can I Schedule Both? Yes. The Seminar & Clinic can be paired as a two-day (or more) event or as single day individual events.


Is this Seminar the One with Kerry and Dr. Shelley Appleton? No, the Applied Sensory Soundness Seminar, like those scheduled in Australia, are unique & singular, two-day combo events. If you have a venue and would like to discuss hosting one of these highly innovative special events, or you are interested in getting information and tickets for our Applied Sensory Soundness events, send us an email.


Where can I Learn More about Herd Dynamics Before I Book? You might well enjoy the Herd Dynamic Podcast Series with Kerry and Dr. Shelley Appleton’s “Calm Willing Confident Horses” on Spotify and you can find these linked on THT Bloodstock’s website. I would also recommend perusing the material and information available on the website and of course all you must do is email us and ask for additional information or schedule your Free Consultation.


What is the Seminar Size & Pricing? The ideal seminar attendance size is between 20 and 60. Ticket prices are $250.00 US Currency. We will travel anywhere in the world, however depending on travel expenses & the necessary arrangements, a minimum number of advance tickets sold will be required before the selected date can be held.


Can I Book for my Group and get a Discount? Yes, bulk, and special group pricing is available for certain special events, groups, and education programs. Feel free to email us to inquire.


What Do You Need? Your typical classroom or lecture room, even a big tack room, arena, or your living room! We plan your event tailored to your location and fit what you have available. The details, structure and format can be sorted out easily enough, so don’t think “my location probably won’t work” before you chat with us.


How Much Time? Usually from between 3 to 4 ours is a safe allowance of time with a 30-minute break in the middle somewhere. And yes, I do allow time at the end to chat and answer questions. In fact, I encourage group participation in a respectful and courteous learning and sharing environment.


Can People Attend Online? This is not out of the question, ask us about our Pivo & Zoom Seminar Options.


Do You Offer Mini Seminars or Remote Learning? Yes, online educational seminars are available on the topics covered in the full seminar. We also offer tailor-made remote learning opportunities via Pivo & Zoom; you select the topic or request a specific topic. These run approximately 1 hour and start at $125 per person. If you want to book a group of 5 or more, bulk rate pricing is applied for better value.


Does Kerry have any Books or Courses Available? Yes, Kerry’s book Horse Profiling, the Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes, is available. Kerry is also currently writing a new comprehensive series of books about his groundbreaking work in Herd Dynamic Profiling and Sensory Soundness Mapping. Online courses will be made available as well as a Profiling & Sensory Mapping certification program.


What do I Need to do, to Get Started? Simply send us an email if you are interested in discussing a seminar or wish to inquire about remote learning opportunities. Email “Seminars” to Request to join Kerry’s private FB “Sensory Soundness and Herd Dynamics with Kerry M Thomas.”


HD Edu; Riders Up!

The Clinic Particulars; Pivo Options & Plus Clinic*


Is There a Horse Maximum or Minimum? Yes, the ideal range is 5 to 8 horses for 1 day. In some cases, 4 horses will suffice if the travel is minimal. Where travel expenses are incurred, a minimum number of horses will be required to book in unless other arrangements have been made.


Do I have to have a Seminar or can I Book a Two-Day Clinic? No, you do not have to have a seminar and yes, you can book as many days of clinics as you like at your facility.


There are Two main Clinic Session Options, can I Book the Same Horse for Both? No, not on the same day. But you can book more than one horse should you wish to experience both clinic session offerings, and you can book the same horse on two different days for each unique clinic experience or for *Plus clinic.


What are the Fees? Clinic sessions are offered at a discounted rate from regular service options; Mapping & Enrichment Clinic base is $225.00 US & the Upgrade Option is $325.00 US. RWF Coaching & Critique Clinic is $250.00 US & the Upgrade Option is $350.00 US.


Do I get a Clinic Discount if I also Attend the Seminar? Yes. If you have purchased a Seminar Ticket, you qualify for $100.00 dollars (US Currency) off the normal clinic fee. This will only apply for those events where the Seminar & Clinic are booked as a bundled, two-day event.


Can I Book a Private Day-Rate Clinic for My Farm or Equestrian Center? Yes. If you are an owner and would like to have a clinic for your private stock, private session pricing will apply based upon number of horses, days required and location.


*Can I bring My Horse for a Herd Dynamic Profile at your Clinic? Yes. If you have a horse or horses that you would like to get evaluated for general purpose sensory soundness mapping and herd dynamic grade, be it for performance, pre-purchase, breeding, selling or for risk-assessment, you can book in. In fact, we will be happy to offer this as an additional * Plus clinic* option for $325.00 US, a discount from the normal service fee. Upgrade Option for the *Plus clinic is $400.00, includes prepared written analysis.


Can I Book a Clinic via Pivo? Yes! We do offer that option and in fact with a Pivo Clinic, the minimum number of horses is 2; set up your Pivo and book your private clinic! *Plus, clinic option applies.


Can I Book a Clinic Outside the USA? Yes, we will and have presented internationally and are open to touring, sponsored partnerships, presenting at equestrian shows and private events.


Are there Pivo Coaching Services Available beyond the Clinic? Yes. You can get most of THT Bloodstock’s unique Herd Dynamic Profiling, Sensory Soundness Mapping & Ride With Fluency coaching services via Pivo. Email “Pivo Coach” to


What do I Need to Get Started? Interest… an indoor, outdoor, or similar location. Email “Clinics” to 


Life Through the Senses… Appendix


A View From The Hoof 

Understanding Your Role… building a bridge to a better relationship.


To get a better understanding of the role you play in your horse’s Sensory Soundness is to understand what the sequence is and its function relative to herd structure.


The physical senses are the surveillance; identifying accumulative & distinguishing individual targets, information that may or may not have to be “handed-off” through one or more of the sensory aspects, (which is a Sensory Lead Change), before being absorbed into the psyche for interpretation (processing). Processing of the information is where the physical and emotional worlds collide, for here things like natural tendency, learned behaviors, and associations (if it is similar to then it must be the same as…) gather to determine the manner of expression. (It is here where psychological growth patterns are found and where IHD or GHD propensity is housed). Purposeful action is controlled movement (fluent), versus reactive, uncontrolled movements, (disrupted fluency).


Herd hierarchy is a structure of emotional, not physical, strength. An order of emotional intelligence split by degrees of independent nature.

Emotional intelligence, independent nature, leadership capacity, are all directly linked to the efficiency of the sensory system. In its most simplified form, the sensory system is responsible for “clearing the space for the body to move through.” In the high-level herd dynamic horse, their navigation of the world at large happens internally. In the low-level herd dynamic horse there is a strong need to outsource to external authorities to complete the sequence. In the 75% majority of horses, there will be a mixture of self-determination with the need to outsource, (if I cannot understand something, I will look to my peers for the answer). Your role and road to a better, more complete, and compatible relationship with your horse, is to know when your horse needs you to help bridge the sequence gaps and when they need you to stay out of their way, lest you block and disrupt natural mind-to-body fluency.


We must remember that when we isolate the herd animal, we are identifying their strengths and exposing their weaknesses. Any attempt to develop the physical athlete without first enriching the horse is misguided, the body does not lead, the operating system is running the machine. Want to “build a better athlete?” enrich the horse they are if you want them to realize the horse they can be.


Sensory Soundness; sequence examples~ Be the Bridge, not the Block!


Hi-Function Herd Dynamic: internal

Survey – Identify - Distinguish – Absorb – Process = Fluent Response


Avg. Mid-Level Herd Dynamic: internal/external (outsource)

Survey – Identify – Distinguish – *bridge – = Determined Response Fluent or Disrupted Fluency

-*Outsource/External Processing Assist-


Lower-Level Herd Dynamic, largely external/outsourcing

Survey – Identify - *bridge – Absorb - **bridge – = Determined Response Fluent or Disrupted Fluency

*Outsource/External Distinguish Assist    **Outsource/External Processing Assist


Knowing your role is knowing your horse, you are either a bridge or a block. How they view, interpret, respond, determines how much or how little, when, why and where, your intent-of-purpose in the saddle has a positive or negative effect on outcome. When your horse has trouble with processing it causes stress and they have disrupted fluency, like driving down a road and going over rumble strips. When your horse has an issue with changing sensory leads, they experience pull and drag which builds a stress bubble of emotional energy that can suddenly “pop” back into focus; like driving down the road and looking at something you are passing, your car going one direction, your attention in another, this is “reckless motion” in a horse. When you suddenly release that which had your attention, you pop back into focus sometimes with an abrupt, knee-jerk re-acquiring. When your horse is delayed attempting to transition through Sensory Lead Changes without the ability to outsource, they pinball between sensory aspects and get “floaty”, like you hitting a patch of ice in your car and you have the sense of lost control.

When you invest in a horse you are investing in both car & driver, learn more, invest wisely. ~ Kerry

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