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Consulting with Kerry

Consulting services for horse & rider, because sometimes you need an extra leg up!

New to Sensory Soundness and Behavioral Profiling? Still learning about this exciting frontier and
groundbreaking innovation? Want to learn more but not quite sure where to start? This is for you!
Consulting services for horse & rider is your perfect step forward, because sometimes we all need an
extra leg up!

The Top Ten Questions I get Asked…

Is my horse right for my chosen discipline?

Does my horse have a sensory soundness issue?

Is my horse happy in their environment?

How can I learn to ride with intent & purpose?

How do I select the right horse for me?

How can I improve my human/horse relationship?

How can I better navigate my own performance anxieties so I do not impede my horse?

Can I help my horse with separation anxiety and equine PTSD?

How can I learn to identify when my horse is needing an emotional bridge?

How can I better determine the right barn and training program for myself and my horse?

What can I help you with?
Whether you’re looking for advice on any of the top ten questions I get asked, you would like to have me
look at some video and discuss my impressions of your horse, or you have something completely
different you need help with, you can tap-in; I am here for you.
For consultations that do not involve video impressions, simply send me a note about your area of need
and what you would like to discuss with me and we will get back to you about scheduling our
conversation. Appointments with video impression request, simply add that you are wanting to add video
to your consult in your initial email.
For video impression consultations, the best scenario is via a private or public YouTube Channel you may
have or have access to, where some clips are available. Once you’re booked-in you will be given an email
for the link(s). Up to three video clips of your horse are welcome, either in an arena or trail or even out in
the pasture; these can be in hand, loading/unloading, a training or performance video, or of anything
peculiar that you would like me to see. Let me know if you have any specific concerns or thoughts that
you would like me to focus on to be included with my general impressions on things such as sensory
efficiency and soundness, emotional energy distribution and psychological stress points.

I look forward to sharing with you a personalized experience, so don’t hesitate to message me. The best
decisions are informed decisions, because the more you know, the further you’ll go!

Consults are via Zoom (best), Phone or Signal App, (I do not use WhatsApp), allow up to 90 Minutes.
Consultation without Video: $150.00 US Currency
Consultation with Video Impressions: $200.00 US Currency

Still learning the Sensory Soundness lexicon? I recommend you download your free copy of the Glossary
of Terminology and Phrases located in “Resources”, check out the Blog & Podcasts, and don’t forget to
sign up to be kept “In The Know” over on the Courses page! I invite you to be a part of the Sensory
Soundness journey of discovery! Your Friend, Kerry

*For comprehensive behavioral profiles, visit Behavioral Profiling service page*

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