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I came across Kerry from THT Bloodstock about 9 months ago and have been obsessed since.  His knowledge and understanding of Herd Dynamics and Sensory Soundness is unrivalled.  I have listened to podcasts, had my horses sensory soundness mapping done, read his book and even attended his inaugural 2 day seminar in Sutton Forest, Australia.  Kerry’s unique understanding of horses and his ability to teach and enhance horse owners understanding of their own horses is amazing.  I have learnt so much from Kerry and I now look at horses in a completely different way.  Kerry’s saying “the operating system runs the machine” is so vital to understanding horses and their behaviours,  that I feel every horse person should be exposed to Kerry’s teachings.  I can’t wait for all of his new course offerings and I hope that if you are reading this, you too delve into the world of Herd Dynamics and Sensory Soundness.  You will not be disappointed.

 Lisa Savli   ACT, Australia


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