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Life Through the Senses, Behavioral Profiling
"Through the Lens of Herd Dynamics and Sensory Soundness"

When you gain a profound appreciation of who your horse is, you realize a practical understanding of goals befitting of the horse’s nature. Psychological compatibility with physical demand is just as vital for the horses’ ultimate success, and happiness, as is emotional compatibility between horse and rider. Of far more influence than a whimsical anecdote, the horses’ inherent character traits and tendencies, ingredients of behavior, course through every facet of their lives. Whether you are trying to match horse to discipline or horse to human, the behavioral profile must communicate affectively in order to translate ability to talent. Everything the horse was, is and can become, is founded upon who they are, how they process their world and how they are inclined to respond to it. The horse looks upon us through the eyes of emotion, and so to must we allow ourselves the same view. For it is not the horses’ responsibility to understand our nature, it is our responsibility to understand theirs. Knowing your horse, is your first achievable goal. ~Kerry

Behavioral Profiling

An evaluation of 7 essential behavioral genetic ingredients with a Herd Hierarchical Range assessment,
from Low to Elite, learn who your is and where they sit within Natural Herd Structure and your horse will also receive a Sensory Soundness grade, A (elite) through E (inferior).

Emotional Energy Distribution; mind-to-body fluency rating
Group & Individual Herd Dynamic; instinctive ratio & environmental needs
Psychological Growth Patterns; learned behaviors / natural tendencies
Sensory Soundness; sequencing & processing efficiency
Expression & Outsourcing; accumulative stress markers
Compatibility Assessment; horse, discipline, achievable goals
Applied Independent Nature; capacity to operate apart from herd structure

Suitable for all breeds and ages, pre-purchase, therapy horse assessments, trouble-shooting, risk
assessments and breeding, or for anyone who wants a better understanding of the horses they love in order
to help them become the best version of themselves. The more you know, the further you will go.

Performance & Compatibility 

An evaluation of the 7 most influential behavioral genetic markers for Optimized Performance, includes
an Equestrian Compatibility Rating from A-highest Through E-lowest, relative to discipline and goals.

Emotional Energy; energy leaks & distribution, stress markers
Ride With Fluency; intent-of-purpose assessment
Sensory Soundness; zone efficiency & processing rates
Accumulative Stressors, Bridges & Blocks; internal & external bias
Harmony & Contentment; emotional horse, achievable goals
Athletic Intelligence; competitive nature, expression & performance analysis
Enrichment Coaching & Development; natural tendencies and learned behaviors

Suitable for all disciplines and experience, whether you are trying to reach the next level, prepare for an event, smooth out training bumps, learn how to build a better relationship with your horse to allow you both to realize your full potential, or you need help finding the right horse that is compatible with your needs, abilities, and goals. The better your relationship, the better your results.

Basic Profile: Detailed evaluation notes in each of the psychoanalysis categories with related grade or
range assessment.

Pro Pack: Comes with Sensory Soundness Map & Notes, Case Summary, Recommendations and when applicable, you will receive a hand-drawn Sensory Exercises Playbook with 3 to 4 sensory based exercise recommendations. Developed for your specific case file and drawn by Kerry, Sensory Playbooks are designed to strengthen both life skills for the horse and enhance the communication bond between you. 

Pro and Basic Profiles include a pre-case interview and case consultation upon completion. Full Profile
Sensory Maps are scanned and emailed. You can request your map be physically mailed to you at no

Case reviews and consultations are via Zoom or Phone. International calls are via Signal App. Contact us
today for details; request your case review and get on the schedule. All fees are for Video Analysis only,
on-location option is available upon request. Payment in US Currency.

Basic Profile: $550.00
Pro Pack: $675.00

Need something specific? Custom Profiles available: From $375.00

Performance is driven by emotion.


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